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Change Of Program

New York Times crossword puzzle May 25 / Constructed by Dan Schoenholz

Greetings from the Lone Star State! We’re spending the weekend in the DFW area to help a friend celebrate his 50th birthday. We’re also taking in some sights along the way, and today – after blogging at Sundance Square in Fort Worth – we’re going to see the longhorns at the Stockyards. Yee-haw!

So let’s get to it: This puzzle was a breeze, right? The grid is filled with slightly-altered names of famous TV shows – the “Change of Program” referred to in the title. A “Cobbler’s heirloom?” is AWL IN THE FAMILY (110 Across). “Stoners’ memoirs?” are DAZE OF OUR LIVES (23 Across). “Leverage in divorce negotiations?” is THE EX FILES (28 Across). And a “Dumbstruck duo?” is THE AWED COUPLE (46 Across).

More: “Tale of metropolitan religious diversity?” is SECTS AND THE CITY (62 Across). “Having trouble slowing down?” is BRAKING BAD (99 Across). “Tight spot in South Florida?” is MIAMI VISE (76 Down). “Double takes?” are TWIN PEEKS (15 Down).  And a “Grant Wood portrayal?” is AMERICAN IDYLL, a combination reference to the singing contest and the artist’s famous “American Gothic” painting.

Speaking Of Idols Dept.: Monty Python’s ERIC IDLE has the most crossword-friendly name I’ve ever seen (“‘Spamalot’ writer and lyricist,” 115 Across).

Dirty Mind Dept.: This is horribly embarrassing, but for a moment – just a moment! – after seeing I had _ _ _ _ _ IP entered for “Immodest display” (12 Down), I thought the answer might be NIP SLIP. Of course, it was the much cleaner EGO TRIP. Phew.

I Do Dept.: “Wedding sight” is a BRIDE (99 Down) while a “Wedding site” is the ALTAR (68 Down).

Cheap Dept.: “Comes to pass, old-style” is the unfortunately obscure entry HAPS (105 Down).

Haha Dept.: “Relatives of turtles” are PRALINES (84 Down). “Kitchen drawer?” is AROMA (92 Across). “Neon frame?” are ENS (86 Down), for the Ns that bookend the word.

And a “Comment upon heading off” (20 Across) is AWAY WE GO!

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