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Show Me The Money

New York Times crossword puzzle July 14 / Constructed by Daniel A. Finan

Is Cuba Gooding Jr. in the house? Because today’s extremely clever puzzle is all about his Oscar-winning catchphrase: “Show me the money!”

The famous slogan of his character in “Jerry Maguire” has a literal interpretation in the grid, which is populated with dollar- and cent signs. The theme consists of interlocking financial terms that create the $ and ¢ symbol where they overlap. How? By “superimposing one letter over another,” as the clue reads in 65 Across. For the $, that would be the letters S and I; for the ¢, the letters C and I.

So “Investing in a growth company” is GOING LONG (23 Across), while “Some liquid assets” is CASH ON HAND (3 Down). And where the S in CASH meets the I in GOING, you enter both into the box to create the $. Genius, really.


Others: PENNY STO¢KS (“High-risk investments,” 25 Across) crosses with PRICE POINT (“Spot on a demand curve,” 16 Down); TI¢KER TAPES (“Quotation sources, once,” 110 Across) crosses with BOTTOM LINE (“Key business figure,” 70 Down); SUNK CO$TS (“Unrecoverable investment expenses,” 112 Across) crosses with BOND RATING (“AA or AAA, maybe,” 73 Down); and FISCAL CLIFF (“With 58-Down, financial topic of 2012-13,” 62 Down) crosses with DOLLAR$ AND ¢ENTS (“Money … or a hint to how six crossings in this puzzle are to be represented, superimposing one letter over another,” 65 Across).

The word “superimposing” in 65 Across really gave me the hint I needed, although it still took me a little while to get it – some of us make our $ with two vertical lines, am I right? So I though about using an S and H for a bit before figuring it out. Anyway, great puzzle by Daniel A. Finan. Wish there had been more theme answers.

He Who Dies With The Most Toys Doesn’t Win Dept.: “Source of the line ‘Thy money perish with thee'” is the Bible book of ACTS (14 Down).

Quibbles Dept.: The answer for “Horrifies” (65 Down) is DISMAYS. Really? So “The Amityville Horror” could have been called “The Thing That Dismayed Amityville”? Living in a house possessed by demons must not be so horrifying after all. Ugh. Roget would be horrified at equating those two words, I would think.

New Words Dept.: “Ancient Greek coins” are OBOLS (49 Down), which I got from crossing words. Never heard of them.

Fun Stuff Dept.: “Ones unlikely to write memoirs?” are AMNESIACS (4 Down). “Antics” are ZANINESS (28 Across). “Small role in ‘Austin Powers’ movies” is MINI ME (11 Down). “Fool” is a JACKASS (34 Down). “Request from a guest over an apartment intercom” is LET ME UP (81 Across). “Bully’s coercive comeback” is SAYS ME (71 Across). And a “Briefing spot” is the PRESS ROOM (80 Down).

Philly Shout-Out Dept.: Going into the All-Star break, the Phillies are just about at .500. I’m not really optimistic, but I’m going to keep hoping for a “Ticket to the World Series” — PENNANT (12 Down).

POSTED EARLIER: You might want to study the Business section before tackling Sunday’s extremely clever NYT crossword puzzle.

I solved the grid from the wilds of Cape Cod today — this is a placeholder post until I get back from the beach! Until then, the hint at 65 Across is pretty priceless. Literally.

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