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At Times

New York Times crossword puzzle April 6 / Constructed by Patrick Berry

Today’s punny puzzle is all about seeing people in a different light. The theme turns common objects into behavioral descriptions: A “Clumsy pharmacist, at times?” is a MEDICINE DROPPER (23 Across), while a “Dressage rider, at times?” is a COLT REVOLVER (28 Across).

Others: An “Old-fashioned barber, at times?” is a FOAM RUBBER (47 Across). An “Inexperienced shucker, at times?” is an OYSTER CRACKER (54 Across). A “No-limit Texas hold ’em player, at times?” is ALL BETTER (65 Across). A “Farmer, at times?” is a CHICKEN TENDER (74 Across). A “Sleeping sunbather, at times?” is a BACK BURNER (84 Across). A “Dieter, at times?” is a SNACK COUNTER (103 Across). And a “Person getting out of a tub, at times?” is a BATHROOM SLIPPER (110 Across).

Kinda cute. Not hard. What did you think?

Conscious Uncoupling Dept.: A “Viscous substance” is GOOP (96 Down). Goop, of course, is also the lifestyle website run by actress Gwyneth Paltrow. It features recipes, fashion and the much-discussed recent announcement that she and husband Chris Martin (the lead singer of Coldplay) have broken up.

Mayday Dept.: The wordless clue featuring perhaps unfamiliar dots and dashes (which I’m unable to reproduce here) spells out the last name of its inventor: MORSE (44 Down). In a somewhat related entry, a more familiar Morse reference – SOS – is the “Signal that replaced ‘CQD'” (113 Down). Apparently, CQD stands for “Seeking you! Distress!” or “All stations! Distress!”

For Fun Dept.: Some interesting fill in this grid, including MONO-SKI (“Snowboard relative,” 14 Down),  SNEAK UP ON (“Take by surprise,” 79 Down), MIDSTREAM (“Current location?” 3 Down) and ABSOLUT (“Spirits in Scandinavia,” 90 Across).

All Things Considered Dept.: Both ARI (“NPR journalist Shapiro,” 19 Acros) and COKIE (“News analyst Roberts,” 45 Down) can be heard on National Public Radio. So can NYT puzzle editor Will Shortz, who appears every Sunday morning.

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