Letterboxes (Part 1)

New York Times crossword puzzle Sept. 22 / Constructed by Mike Selinker

UPDATE: The crossword contest is over (and, alas, I did not win). Here are my thoughts on the solution to Letterboxes.


EARLIER: Today’s crossword is a puzzle-within-a-puzzle, and it’s also a contest. As such, I’m going to hold off on posting so as not to spoil the fun. You can read a little more about the grid here.

I’ll blog on Tuesday after 6 p.m., which is the deadline for contest entries.

If you’d like some hints, feel free to e-mail me at katmath (at) gmail (dot) com.

Need some solving tips and tricks? I’ve posted some here. Feel free to ask questions or leave comments below. You can also visit my Facebook page, or tweet me @crosswordkathy.

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4 thoughts on “Letterboxes (Part 1)”

  1. so I took the bait. bought the puzzle online Monday and finished without too much difficulty…so now (for more than a day) I’ve been staring at the puzzle and the enhanced line grid and trying to imagine reading in braille. no good, I give up.

  2. Oh, no! I’m sorry, fxd. Wish I had seen your comment earlier … would have offered a hint. Don’t hold it against me.

  3. so this is what i did…filled in the enhanced grid using the appropriate letters, a lot of O’s, how about that. i’m thinking that to read it like braille would mean that i would not be reading letters. when i see the 2X3 braille grid i freak NOT thinking that blank spaces look the same on any sort of grid, 2X3 or 3X5. at any rate, all i can think of is 2X3, 2X3, 2X3…oh boy. i enjoyed this very clever puzzle very much, thanks for the help.

  4. I’m glad you worked it out! The 2×3 vs 3×5 was definitely a hurdle. I was, ahem, sort of flying blind when I started to “decode” the boxes.

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