Simply Put

New York Times crossword May 12 / Constructed by David J. Kahn

Not much to write about today’s crossword. Simply put: There’s no payoff.

The puzzle’s theme is “A piece of long-winded advice,” which is spread among 29-, 44-, 63-, 77- and 93 Across: POTENTIAL CONSEQUENCES / OF A PLAN OR DECISION ONE / CANNOT REVERSE SHOULD BE / HEEDED PRIOR TO THE TIME / AN ACTION IS EFFECTUATED.

The “kicker,” if you could call it that, comes at 24 Down: “This puzzle’s long-winded advice, simply put”: LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP.

Ugh. Thanks for that insight.

Long Answers Dept.: Unusual non-theme entries include CLUB SODAS (“Some mixers,” 22 across); LITTLE TRAMP (“Charlie Chaplin persona, with ‘the’,” 103 Across); LETTER GRADE (“One way to measure a student’s progress,” 24 Across); and TABLE-HOPS (“Works the room, maybe,” 4 Down).

Haha Dept.: “‘A horse designed by a committee'” is a CAMEL (99 Down).

Happy Mother’s Day Dept.: I am both grateful and horrified to have inherited the grammar gene from my mom, the (now retired) high school English teacher. Now I spend my time wondering when “iced tea” became ICE TEA (“Cooler in hot weather,” 89 Down).

If Only Dept.: “Pitching muscle, for short” is a DELT (116 Across). Here’s hoping the Phillies get some to replace Roy Halladay.

Philly Shout-Out/Dragon Tattoo Dept.: “Former Swedish P.M. Palme” is OLOF (30 Down), which I know from my current reading of “The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest.” By coincidence, the king and queen of Sweden were in Philly over the past couple of days. As we were waiting for them to arrive at City Hall, a fellow journalist asked me if I was gathering string for a future crossword post – yes! And thanks for reading.

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2 thoughts on “Simply Put”

  1. In today’s NYT puzzle (5/30/13) there is the question, “Firm last words”, for which the answer is (reading from east to west, as the puzzle requires) exit, enter, view. I cannot figure out how these three words, in any order, fit the designation of Firm last words. Any help you can provide to this fellow Philadelphian will be appreciated.

  2. Hi Syl … I’m ashamed to say that I don’t solve the daily puzzles, so I had to consult Rex Parker to help answer your question. According to his blog, the theme answer you’re referring to should be EXIT INTERVIEW, entered backward (from east to west). As a bonus, the theme answers also run from “E” (the first letter “exit”) to “W” (the last letter in “interview”). Hope that helps. (And yay Philly!)

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