Fitting Rearrangements

New York Times crossword April 7 / Constructed by Matt Ginsberg

So an “anagram your name” meme came through my Facebook feed recently: Click the link, put in your name and – presto! – an amusing rearrangement appears. Or not-so-amusing, in my case: Kathy Matheson becomes OH MY! THAT SNAKE.

Which brings me to today’s easy puzzle. “Fitting Rearrangements” alludes to the six anagrams that comprise the theme of a crossword that offered a few smiles but not a lot of challenges.

“Procrastinators’ enablers” are SNOOZE ALARMS (31 Across), and an “Apt anagram for 31-Across” is ALAS, NO MORE Z’S (3 Down). Similarly, the “‘Great’ 1666 conflagration” known as the FIRE OF LONDON (103 Across) rearranges into INFERNO OF OLD (63 Down).

Others: DORMITORY (“College student’s place,” 24 Across) anagrams into DIRTY ROOM (116 Across). ASTRONOMER (“Galileo, for one,” 79 Across) can be rearranged to form MOON STARER (54 Down). DEBIT CARD (“Visa offering,” 42 Across) becomes BAD CREDIT (94 Across). And “‘Decision Points’ author” GEORGE BUSH (55 Across) anagrams into HE BUGS GORE (30 Down).

As I said, a pleasant diversion but no heavy lifting here. The puzzle could have been improved if the original six phrases were linked somehow.

For Fun Dept.: “Multiple-choice choices” are A, B OR C (68 Down). Along those lines, “Completely” is FROM A TO Z (86 Down). A “1984 title role for Emilio Estevez” is REPO MAN (60 Down). “They’re on the left in Britain” are SLOW LANES (121 Across). “Order during an M.R.I.” is LIE STILL (70 Down). And a “Video store penalty” (do those still exist?) is a LATE FEE (113 Down).

Where In The World? Dept.: “Scotland’s ‘Granite City'” is ABERDEEN (15 Down). “___ City, Miss.” is YAZOO (65 Across). “Where Hercules slew the lion” is NEMEA (108 Down). “Georgia neighbor” is ARMENIA (37 Down). “Hometown of TV’s McCloud” is TAOS (45 Down). And “N. African land” is MOR (54 Across), short for Morocco.

New To Me Dept.: Never heard of the word MOIL (“Turbulence,” 69 Across), which I solved through a crossing word. Also didn’t know the grammatical term GENITIVE (“Like the word ‘curiae’ in ‘amicus curiae,'” 87 Down). (However, I do know the layman’s term for “amicus curiae,” which in legal circles means “friend of the court.”)

Not For Long Dept.: “Big ___ (sports conference)” is EAST (114 Down), but only for a few more months. The Big East is renaming itself the American Athletic Conference.

Repeat That? Dept.: The doubled clue “Black shade” yields both EBON (22 Across) and JET (10 Down).

Philly Shout-Out Dept.: “Moses Malone, on the 76ers” wore number TWO (117 Down). As MVP, Malone led the team to its last championship in 1983. Those were the days.

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  1. There are strange things done/In the midnight sun/By those who moil for gold — Robert Service.

  2. @Norm – Ha! I should read more poetry. Funny thing, I just went through some moil on a flight to San Francisco. That’s not what the pilot called it, though.

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