Bypassing Security (Part 1)

New York Times crossword Oct. 21 / Constructed by Caleb Rasmussen

Today’s ingenious puzzle by Caleb Rasmussen is a lot of fun: It’s a crossword, a maze and a contest.

Today’s puzzle is a contest requiring you to figure out what’s in the vault. (And yes, I joined the Instagram bandwagon.)

And I promised Will Shortz that I would not say much more than that.

Crossword bloggers have been asked not to spoil the fun for those who want to enter the contest, which entails figuring out what’s in the “vault” at the center of the puzzle, how to open it, and what obstacles lie in your path.

Here are the details about the contest. The prize is nominal — an NYT crossword calendar — but you’ll also get your named published in the Nov. 4 Times Magazine. And for crossword lovers, such recognition might be even more valuable than what’s in the puzzle’s vault.

I’ll post my thoughts on the grid after 6 p.m. EDT on Tuesday.

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3 thoughts on “Bypassing Security (Part 1)”

  1. Solved the puzzle with reasonable ease, enjoying all the tricky squares and finding the seven hazards, the gold, and the key. But like others, mystified by where to PUT the key. In a “slotted”? I don’t think so….

    The first time in memory I’ve been flat-out stumped. I’m sure I’ll hate myself when I hear the answer!

  2. @James – Looks like @KR has the answer! Check out the comments on my post “Bypassing Security (Part 2).” The LOCK was hidden in a black square!

  3. I hate myself.

    I initially sniffed something funky about the “going around the wrong way, in Britain” clue, but then forgot about it in my increasingly desperate search for a keyhole.

    I usually disdain the main Sunday puzzle; consider me chastened.

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