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New York Times crossword April 1 / Constructed by Patrick Merrell

No caddies were required for today’s golf-themed puzzle, as there was no heavy lifting. The easy, punny theme answers were evidently a nod to the upcoming Masters tournament, which was referenced in 19 Across: “Augusta National Golf Club, for the Masters” – HOME.

The theme answers include: “Golf club repositioning?” – CHANGE OF ADDRESS (22 Across); “Hole in one?” – STROKE OF LUCK (40 Across); “Comment after hitting a tee shot out of bounds?” – BYE BYE BIRDIE (49 Across); “Wedge shot from a worn-out practice range platform?” – A CHIP OFF THE OLD BLOCK (69 Across); “Use one club for all 18 holes?” – PUTTER AROUND (90 Across); “Course not listed in the guidebooks?” – MISSING LINKS (101 Across); and “Woods stowed in the rear of a golf cart?” — that doesn’t mean Tiger — are BACKSEAT DRIVERS (122 Across). Finally, “Duffer’s shots?” are FORE PLAY (14 Down), while “Club thrown in disgust?” is a CAST IRON (88 Down).

Was I the only one disappointed there were no April Fool’s tricks? Or did I miss them completely?

Nineteenth Hole Dept.: Other golf-related terms included EAGLE (“Shoot two under,” 48 Across) and FACT (“There are 336 dimples on a typical golf ball, for instance,” 1 Down).

International Monetary Fund Dept.: “Continental coins” are EUROS (76 Across), while “Swedish coins” are KRONOR (74 Down). “100 kopecks” make a RUBLE (82 Across).

Never Knew That Dept.: “Sport named for a British boarding school” is RUGBY (35 Down). “Insect named for the Virgin Mary” is a LADY BUG (53 Across).

For Fun Dept.: “Object of curiosity on the first day of school” is the NEW KID (103 Down).

Uncovering History Dept.: “Disappearance of 7/2/1937” (77 Across) is EARHART, as in aviatrix Amelia. Perhaps coincidentally, researchers said just last month that new information might help solve the 75-year-old mystery of what happened to the pioneering pilot and her plane.

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