New York Times crossword Nov. 27 / Constructed by Jeff Chen

If you didn’t figure out today’s theme from either the puzzle title (“Yin/Yang”) or the beautifully designed grid, you need to spend more time doing NYT crosswords.

The theme of opposites was elegantly executed: Answers in opposite grid locations also contained antonyms — and were shaded appropriately. So ROUGH NIGHT? (“Question asked to one with a hangover,” 45 Down) in the dark part of the grid is paired with DAYDREAMER (“Walter Mitty, e.g.,” 37 Down) in the light part.

Others: AFRAID OF THE DARK (“Suffering from nyctophobia,” 16 Down), paired with LIGHT AS A FEATHER (“Weighing hardly anything,” 42 Down); HOT AND HEAVY (“Full of strong feelings,” 24 Across), with CAUGHT A COLD (“Started sneezing and sniffling, say,” 116 Across); HONEYMOON (“Time in Hawaii, maybe,” 43 Down), with SUN YAT SEN (“Kuomintang co-founder,” 48 Down); and SUMMER BREEZE (“Something to enjoy on a beach,” 31 Across), with OLD MAN WINTER (“He might put chills up your spine,” 102 Across).

I found it interesting that the two answers in the center of the grid — RHYTHM (“Musician’s asset,” 69 Across) and SENATE (“Where the vice president presides,” 72 Across) — were not part of the theme. Unless there’s a not-so-subtle political joke I’m missing?

The Dog Ate My Homework Dept.: I’m a day late with this post because I worked all day Sunday to monitor Occupy Philadelphia, where participants staged a sit-in EN MASSE (“All together,” 80 Across) to protest the mayor’s eviction deadline. Demonstrators were supposed to clear off City Hall’s Dilworth Plaza by 5 p.m. Sunday. They didn’t, but nothing happened. (As of this writing, we’re still waiting to see what the city is going to do. Follow my alter ego at @kmatheson if you’re interested.)

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