Drivers’ Translations

New York Times, Oct. 10

Sorry for the late and short post; I’m on PDT today. In fact, constructor Patrick Merrell seemed to know I’d be driving 150 miles from my grandparents’ house in California’s “Sideways” country (Lompoc, Solvang, Buellton) back to see the rest of the clan in L.A. Think I passed each one of the road signs featured in this puzzle — mentally translating them as I went. And what “Kind of translation” (91 Across) would that be? LOOSE:

_ “Your tax dollars at work …”: PORK BARREL PROJECT (23 Across)

_ “Merging traffic …”: PREPARE TO BE CUT OFF (33 Across)

_ “Stop …”: COAST ON THROUGH (45 Across)

_ “Congestion next 10 miles …”: ROAD RAGE ZONE (61 Across)

_ “No thru traffic …”: GOOD SHORT CUT (72 Across)

_ “Stay in lane …”: IGNORE THIS SIGN (88 Across)

_ “No stopping or standing …”: LEAVE IF YOU SEE A COP (103 Across)

_ “Speed limit 65 m.p.h. …”: KEEP IT UNDER EIGHTY (112 Across)

Trite But True Dept.: “Cheesesteak capital” is PHILLY (98 Across). I am hoping it will be — once again –Major League Baseball’s capital. Go Phillies! (Could happen, if we don’t have many “Flies that don’t go far from home” — POP-UPS (38 Across).)

But It Won’t Get You A McMansion Dept.: “Low-level position” is a MCJOB (12 Down).

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