Film No-R

So I’m out of town this weekend and am blogging via iPhone. Please excuse the typos.

This puzzle’s clever title, a play on “Film Noir,” is a literal reference to the theme answers: Each is a movie title missing an “R.” So a “Film about a corrida participant put to pasture?” is AGING BULL (19 Across).

Other films are about … “a small-minded lady” — PETTY WOMAN (28 Across); “an embarrassingly one-sided tennis match?” — A THOUSAND ACES (44 Across); “decorative furniture elements being blown off with dynamite?” — BEDKNOBS AND BOOMSTICKS (67 Across); “a demonic horse” — MY FIEND FLICKA (93 Across); “drink garnishes” — OLIVE TWIST (112 Across); “a seedy Hollywood bar?” — MULHOLLAND DIVE (121 Across); and “skinned knuckles” — FIST BLOOD (126 Across).

And, finally, a film about “a candy-sharing confederate?” is THE GUMBALL ALLY (23 Across), though I didn’t get the reference. My brother-in-law said it was a Burt Reynolds movie with a car race. Well, that narrows it down. Update: It doesn’t actually star Burt Reynolds, though you can get a 2-for-1 DVD with “The Gumball Rally” and “Cannonball Run 2,” which does star Burt.

Home of the Saints Dept.: St. Francis gets all the press, but “St. Clare’s home” (64 Down) is also ASSISI, which I happened to visit a few months ago while in Italy. I wanted to post my photo of the basilica (multimedia blogging!) but alas the picture is on my laptop, not my phone. Update: Photo posted!

Basilica of St. Francis (San Francesco), Assisi, Italy

Awesome Pun Dept.: “Bomb detector?” is a DRAMA CRITIC (16 Down).

Only Time You’ll See Profanity In The Puzzle Dept.: “Beasts of Burden” are ASSES (50 Down).

I Thought It Was A Car Dept.: A “Sailor’s sword” is a CUTLASS (97 Down). Did Oldsmobile know that?

Weird Science Dept.: A “Hybrid farm animal” is a CATTALO (31 Down), which I’m guessing is a cross between cattle and buffalo. Speaking of which, did you hear about the zedonk? Half zebra, half donkey. Seriously. I’d link to it except I cant figure out how to do that on this WordPress app. Update: Here’s the link to the zedonk.

Need A Clue? Dept.: Anyone who had trouble with this puzzle should have consulted the “Web site for cinephiles” (111 Down) — IMDB.

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