New York Times, April 18

Sorry for the late post. I was having some issues posting my first puzzle. I hope to get better in the coming weeks.

So … what do you do with a puzzle? Solve it. Or a blog entry? Post it. Or a drift? Catch it. Catch my drift? The italicized clues in this puzzle were essentially “Jeopardy”-like answers begging the question: “What do you do with it?” So with “Uncle” you SAY IT (14 Across); with “The picture” you GET IT (25 Across); with a “Sure loser” you DON’T BET ON IT (40 Down); with “A deck of cards” you DEAL WITH IT (32 Down); with “Lunch” you BROWN BAG IT (51 Down). There were quite a few other examples, but you probably get “The idea” — COME TO THINK OF IT (23 Across). If not, the grid also has “A message,” and you can TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT (112 Across).

Coincidentally, this week’s puzzle has a couple entries that unknowingly echoed my efforts to become a constructor: CLUER (57 Down, “Crossword creator, at times”) and — spoiler alert! — ST. ELMO (118 Across, “Name associated with fire”), who makes a guest appearance of sorts in my grid.

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