Sometimes A Great Notion

New York Times, Dec. 13

This is one of those puzzles where some of the non-theme clues and answers were more impressive than the overall theme itself.

The theme, as expressed in a note to puzzlers, is a quote from Linus Pauling “hidden” in the shaded squares of the grid. Usually there’s a reason for choosing the given quotee, i.e. the 100th anniversary of his birth, or death, or something in between. But as far as I can tell, there was no real basis for choosing Linus Pauling, who I was vaguely prepared to identify as a physicist but Googled just to make sure … OK, he’s a chemist. I was close.

Anyway, the quote is: “THE BEST WAY TO HAVE A GOOD IDEA IS TO HAVE A LOT OF IDEAS.” Brilliant in its simplicity, I suppose, and really one I should take to heart more often. I tend to obsess about single ideas way too much when I could be brainstorming so many other things.

Back to the puzzle. The words of the quote are hidden among some really cool answers, including LAPIS LAZULI (76 Across, “Rich blue stone”); GOO GOO DOLLS (59 Across, “Band with the 1998 #1 hit ‘Iris'”); FLATBUSH AVENUE (53 Across, “It borders the Brooklyn Botanic Garden”); and BOLO TIES (111 Across, “Western accessories”). Also fun was 95 Down, “Like that’ll ever happen!” — AS IF.

That’s about for this week. Sorry last week’s post was so late.

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