Compound Fractures

New York Times, Nov. 1

Gotta make this fast because there’s a very important baseball game to watch. And if you have to ask who I’m rooting for, you haven’t been paying attention.

Today’s puzzle isn’t so much about compound fractures as it is about overlapping stitches. Each theme answer is a two-word phrase with shared letters. Thus a “Vegetable that gives you an emotional release?” (44 Down) is a CATHARTICHOKE — a combination of CATHARTIC and ARTICHOKE — while a “Rare mushroom?” (43 Across) is a PSYCHEDELICACY — a PSYCHEDELIC DELICACY.

“Eyewear providing hindsight?” (22 Across) is RETROSPECTACLES; “Give up smuggled goods?” is CONTRABANDON; and, in a true homage, “Noble Les Paul?” (81 Across) is a GUITARISTOCRAT. Others include: ELEPHANTOM (29 Across, “Peanut-loving ghost?”); FOREVERIES (101 Across, “Dreams that don’t die?”); ROULETTERMAN (71 Across, “High-school athletic star at a casino?”) and CENTIPEDESTRIAN (108 Across, “Bug that never takes a ride?”).

Nothing else really of note, though it so happened I was actually sitting at a gate at STL (97 Across, “Old TWA hug: Abbr.”) when I began solving this puzzle. I’m now home in PHL (after flying over the stadium!) and watching our beloved Phils in a quest for a rePeat. Capitalization intended.

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