Wishful Thinking

New York Times, Oct. 25

I wish I may

I wish I might

To have the wish

I wish tonight

Namely, I wish that Will Shortz would discover my witty blog and start paying me to critique his crosswords. Sounds like a pipe dream but, hey, after today’s puzzle, you never know.

PETER KING (112 Across), a SPORTS ILLUSTRATED (94 Across) writer and NBC football analyst, apparently voiced a desire on 9/21/09 to be immortalized in an NYT crossword clue. Today, he got much more.

His six-part wish is spread throughout the grid: MY GOAL IN LIFE IS (23 Across) TO BE A CLUE (28 Across) IN THE NEW YORK TIMES (43 Across) CROSSWORD PUZZLE (57 Across). I’VE (71 Across) NEVER TOLD ANYONE (80 Across) THAT, BUT IT’S TRUE (119 Across). The clues were all minimal, e.g. “Wish, part 3.”

I have to say I’m impressed at the turnaround time in this puzzle, considering how far ahead Will must plan to run them; King only uttered this quote a month ago. But, while cute, the rest of the puzzle didn’t score high on the cleverness scale. The only other clue worth mentioning is 19 Across, “Violent behavior due to excessive use of banned athletic substances.” It’s a little wordy, but the answer — ‘ROID RAGE — is a strikingly modern term that I doubt will appear in the AP Stylebook for several years, if ever. (By the way, have you checked out @FakeAPStylebook on Twitter? It’s hilarious.)

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