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New York Times, Oct. 11

Apologies for the late post. I’ve been sick and haven’t had the energy to do much but lie on the couch watching bad Adam Sandler movies on basic cable.

This puzzle was a fun one, though not too hard. Each theme answer combined the last names of two famous authors to form a clever phrase (via homonyms) or, in one case, another last name.

A few examples: 90 Across (“Oscar and Isaac’s profile of Little Richard?”) is WILDE SINGER (my first instinct was WILDE ASIMOV … um, no); 59 Across (“Caleb and Robert B.’s novel about valet service?”) is CARR PARKER; 37 Across (“Jonathan and Alice’s account of a pedestrian in a hurry?”) is SWIFT WALKER; 109 Across (“Dan and Virginia’s story of a dark-colored predator?” is BROWN WOOLF; and 111 Across (“Ezra and Irving’s memoir of a stand-up comic?”) is POUNDSTONE, for Paula. (I wonder if she’ll mention it the next time she’s on “Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me!”)

To the Times’ credit, the authors were a mixture of current (Caleb Carr, Dan Brown) and classic (Ezra Pound, Virginia Woolf). I’m sure there are enough combinations out there to do “Author! Author! Part Deux.”

Other clues of note: 14 Down, “For whom Safire wrote the words ‘nattering nabobs of negativism'” (AGNEW), because the language maven passed away recently; 103 Across, “Big newspaper company, informally” (SCRIPPS), because sadly there are no big newspaper companies anymore, certainly not like there used to be; and 107 Down, “Cleaning up a mess, maybe” (ON KP), for making me question the NKP combination I had filled in before I figured out I wasn’t crazy.

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