Let's Play Bingo

IMG_0798New York Times, Sept. 13

From the minute I saw the Bingo card in the middle of the grid, I knew this one was going to be fun.

And it was, although the fun went too fast. It wasn’t hard to figure out that all 12 theme clues — “Mark your card!” — would be the spelled-out coordinates of various Bingo squares: B SEVEN (1 Across), B TWELVE (1 Down), G FORTYNINE (25 Across), to name a few.

As you solved the theme clues, with help from crossing answers as well as deduction from the numbers on the card, you crossed off the corresponding squares. I think the point was to get the final Bingo square when you filled out the last clue in the grid (N FORTY, 164 Across), but since I never do the clues in order, I still had 25 percent of the puzzle left when I got to yell, “Bingo!”

OK, I didn’t really yell “Bingo!” but I thought about it while smiling very broadly. The picture shows my finished Bingo card, with the bottom row X’ed out.

Two other clues I liked, just because they were fun: 83 Across, “Worry words” — OH ME OH MY — and 96 Down, “Star employee” — EDITOR (think Star as a newspaper).

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