Made for TV-Movies

New York Times, Aug. 9

Hyphens can be funny things — put them in the wrong place, and they start telling a different story.

“Made-for-TV Movies” are movies that are made for TV. But a crossword puzzle that is “Made for TV-Movies” is a grid whose theme answers are TV show titles combined with movie titles to make clever new programming.

For instance, GOSSIP GIRL INTERRUPTED (22 Across, “Dirt-dishing lass who’s been cut off?”) combines the teen soap “Gossip Girl” with the Angelina Jolie flick “Girl, Interrupted.” FATHER KNOWS BEST IN SHOW (44 Across, “Dad is familiar with top Broadway star?”) blends the old-fashioned “Father Knows Best” with the mockumentary “Best in Show,” the priceless send-up of dog pageants by Christopher Guest of “Spinal Tap” fame.

The others: GREY’S ANATOMY OF A MURDER (66 Across, “Actor Joel’s crime scene analysis?”); TWO-AND-A-HALF MEN IN BLACK (90 Across, “One-quarter of a mourning lacrosse team?”, although lacrosse teams have more than five people, just not all on the field at the same time); and, my favorite, SEX AND THE CITY OF ANGELS (113 Across, “Hollywood hanky-panky?”)

Very cute, but I’m afraid to say not terribly challenging; I think I finished this one in record time. I did like wordplay of 71 Down’s “Summers” — ABACI, the plural of abacus, which is an adder (something that adds), or “summer.” One other thing that caught my eye was 78 Across, “Bygone stadium” — SHEA. “Bygone” already? Harsh. But no teary eyes from this Phils fans.

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