Golfing Around

New York Times, May 10

I’m sure I’m not the only one who noticed the incongruous timing of a golf-themed puzzle on Mother’s Day. What’s next … a flower-themed puzzle on Father’s Day? Oh, wait. Flowers were last week.

Of course, plenty of moms are golfers, so this puzzle’s for them. Start by thinking of all the golf terms you can muster and then try to fit them in with the clues to make some cute puns — NO HOLES BARRED (63 Across, “Like golf courses that let you play the full 18?”)

We’ll start with the WET TEE SHOT CONTESTS, the “Competitions to see who can drive a ball the farthest in the rain?” (83 Across) and then move on to the CADDIE CORNER (22 Across, “Where golf bag handlers congregate inside the clubhouse”).

The one that made me smile the most, though, was SUBMARINE SANDWEDGES (26 Across, “Golf clugs tossed into the drink at Pebble Beach?”). Ever see Homer Simpson talk about golf? Mr. Burns talks about using “an open-faced club, a sand wedge.” Homer: “Mmmmmmmm … open-faced club sand-wedge!” 

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