TV Shows I'd Like To See

Merl Reagle, April 19

The “I’d Like To See” part of the title immediately sounded warning bells in my brain: Bad puns ahead! I don’t know what it says about me that I turn up my nose at some of Merl’s plays on words, but I have to say that the first one I solved in this puzzle not only made me groan, but made me roll my eyes in a “How-could-he-possibly-think-this-is-crossword-worthy?” moment. That would be 93 Across, “TV comedy about being in foreclosure?” — MORTGAGE AND MINDY. Maybe it’s because I actually owned a pair of Mork’s rainbow suspenders when I was a kid. But I think it’s more because it was just too much of a stretch, syllable- and rhyme-wise, from the original title.

Anyway, it turns out that just happened to be the worst of the bunch. I actually kinda smiled at DESPERATE HOUSEWISE, the answer to 26 Across, “TV reality show about owners willing to do anything to sell their domiciles?” Same with DENTIST THE MENACE for 33 Across, “TV comedy about a klutz posing as a doctor?”

And, after filling out 104 Across (“TV cartoon about a guy who’s poor and not much of a dresser?”), I even agreed that it was a show I would like to see, too: SLUMDOG SQUARE PANTS.

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