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April 12 NYT: Square PEGS in round holes
April 12 NYT: Square PEGS in round holes
New York Times, April 12

Remember that TV show “Square Pegs” from the ’80s? I was actually a little too young to watch and/or appreciate it, though I know it involved some of the same people from the classic slacker film “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” (which I have now watched more times than I can count).

“Square Pegs” is the theme of this puzzle, which has a visual element a la the “Architectural Drawing” from a couple of weeks ago. Today, you’ll find 10 pre-drawn circles in the grid, each encompassing four squares. What would be a “fitting word” for these round holes made of squares? PEGS.

I solved two of these circles before I really understood what I was looking at. After solving the first one — beginning with 119 Across, “Fizz ingredient, (SLOEGIN) and 123 Across, “Small Mistakes” (LAPSES) — the letters in the circle spelled EGSP when read clockwise. Not helpful. Maybe I got one of the answers wrong, and it should read EGGS? For Easter? Oh, please, Kathy. Will Shortz is better than that.

Then I solved 118 Across, “Spice Girl Halliwell” (GERI) and 122 Across, “Many unread messages” (SPAM) to form the second circle, GEPS, reading clockwise. Clearly the letters were the same as the first … think, Kathy, think … perhaps counterclockwise, starting with the P? Aha!

If you need it spelled out for you, check out 65 Across, “Things that may not go in 69-Across”: SQUARE PEGS and ROUND HOLES.

Also, I can’t end the post without pointing out the TERRIER in 19 Down (“Game pursuer”). The Terriers of Boston University, my alma mater, just so happened to win the national college hockey championship last night in a thrilling come-from-behind victory. They put a round puck into a square (well, rectangular) net in overtime and all hell broke loose. Go BU!!!

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