Taking Care of Business

New York Times, April 5 (UPDATED)

I had wanted to get the bulldog edition of the NYT on Saturday (essentially Sunday’s paper a day early), but no such luck in Oneonta, N.Y. Had to wait until Sunday, when I got back home to Philly and luckily found a few copies left at the corner store. My goal is to do the puzzles on Saturday and post my post-mortem, as it were, in time for those who start puzzling on Sunday. Here’s hoping I can keep up next week.

“Taking Care of Business” is simple wordplay, taking common business phrases and twisting them to fit new definitions. 133 Across, “Activity of duvet makers?” yields a phrase we’ve read too much about recently: DOWN SIZING. It crosses with 85 Down, “Exchange for 007?” — BOND TRADING, referring to famous fictional spy James Bond.

It’s nice that this puzzle is loaded with theme answers both across and down. But I guess there’s no shortage of business terms to play off of; and, fortunately or unfortunately, we are all more familiar with them today than we probably ever were, including LOW INTEREST LOAN (109 Across, “Mortgage no one cares about?”) and JOINT VENTURE (27 Across, “Founding of a hip replacement clinic?”).

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  1. They play Taking Care of Business at company pep rallies where I work. I suspect it’s because of the “and working overtime” subliminal message.

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