Wedding No-Shows

Merl Reagle, March 29

The “No-Shows” in the title tells me something will be missing from these answers, but I didn’t expect to get so much help from the clues. Apparently thinking we needed hints, Merl helpfully put the dropped letter in parentheses after the clue.

So 22 Across, “Not -so-good news for a groom? (I),” the answer — THE BRIDE’S MAD — is missing an “I.” Restoring the “I” would give you a common wedding term, “The Bridesmaid.” Some of my favorites were 106 Across, “What German newlyweds do? (O)” — EXCHANGE VWS (Volkswagens) — and 122 Across, “What newlyweds might drive away in? (L)” — A LOVELY COUPE.

I liked 89 Across, “What to say  when the cheese finally arrives? (D)” — HERE COMES THE BRIE — even though no one really waits for the cheese to arrive at a wedding. Do they? And I’m pretty sure the central answer to 67 Across — YOUR AWFUL WEDDED WIFE — was a line by the sputtering, stuttering priest in “Four Weddings and a Funeral.”

Special shout-outs to Philly on 98 Across (“Phila. paper” — INQ, for the Inquirer) and 117 Down (“Erving’s nickname” — DR J); and I thought the clue for 119 Down, “Hitchcock film for short” was very clever for a standard crossword answer: NNW (“North by Northwest”).

Finally, 126 Across (“‘Madam, I’m Adam’ addressee) was a reference to one of my favorite types of wordplay, palindromes. The answer is the equally palindromic EVE.

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