On the Road Again

Merl Reagle, March 22

This is one of those puzzles where the same set of letters are added to a common phrase to create a cute theme answer. In this case, you’re actually adding the word “CAR” (thus the puzzle title, “On the Road Again”) to these phrases.

So 23 Across, “Sign outside a cheap hotel?” is SORRY NO CARPETS and 30 Across, “Comment about a kid who prefers the old ‘Tonight’ show?” is LIKE FATHER LIKE CARSON. Those are pretty clever.

But I was less impressed with CARLA CUCARACHA, the answer to 118 Across, “Most popular dance instructor in Mexico?” It seemed forced, as did SOME FRIENDS OF CARMINE, the answer to 103 Across, “Whom Vinny may be seeing tonight?”

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